Call for presentations and papers: Research Roundtable on Adaptive Capacities of Cities and Regions for Green and Sustainable Development

As is the latest tradition of IUFA conferences, presentations of fellows' research and consultancy work are highly valued and welcome.

For the 2009 conference a choice has been made to set up a thematic roundtable on a crucial challenge for urban environments of all size: adaptive capacities of cities and regions for green and sustainable development.

Presentations and papers con the following threads of discussion and research are welcome:

freccia grigia green building technologies and green architecture
freccia grigia enhancement of green spaces in urban areas
freccia grigia role and use of green spaces in mixed communities projects
freccia grigia role and use of environmental parks in urban areas
freccia grigia green policies at urban and regional level
freccia grigia industrial ecology
freccia grigia cleantech policies at urban and regional level
freccia grigia green-collar jobs
freccia grigia energy abatement programs at urban level
freccia grigia cleantech schemes for urban businesses
freccia grigia ecological modernisation
freccia grigia green-governance and adapting mid-sized cities to climate change
freccia grigia carbon-neutral power generation
freccia grigia carbon emission trade participation on the part of municipalities

We invite fellows and non-fellows to submit a short abstract of their presentations or papers. In keeping with our practice in the past, presentations will be limited to 10 minutes.

The topic of presentations and paper can be theoretical; however, a descriptive and narrative approach to urban experiences and stories is highly recommended.

Abstracts for papers and/or presentations must be submitted by 30th March 2009 (via e-mail to:

For enquiries on the 2009 fellows' roundtable organization and themes please contact Lorenzo Ciapetti and Jason Byrne.