Conference Programme

Dates and Times

Saturday 13th June
6:30 pm: registration and welcome reception
Sunday 14th June
9: 30 am - 12 pm: first session - introducing Bologna to fellows, at Hotel de la Gare, Bologna
2 pm - 6 pm: city tour (major development projects and Museum of Modern Art)
Evening: free
Monday 15th June
9:30 am - 12 pm: session on mid-size cities at the Bologna Center of Johns Hopkins University
2 pm - 6 pm: transfer to Forlì - "green" development roundtable at local Chamber of Commerce
Evening: dinner in Cesenatico
Tuesday 16th June
9:30 am - 12 pm: roundtable on role of universities in urban development, at the Bologna Center of Johns Hopkins University
2 pm - 6 pm: roundtable on tech-transfer programs in an international perspective, at Provincial Government of Bologna
8 pm: conference dinner
Wednesday 17th June
10 am - 12 pm: Fellows work session to produce findings and conclusions, at Hotel de la Gare, Bologna
12 pm: conference closes

Download IUFA 2009 Conference Programme (pdf)

Scientific Programme

The scientific programme of the conference builds on the research themes that have been progressively developed over the history of the International Urban Fellows program. The 2009 conference has the broad theme of "mid size cities and the knowledge economy" drawing on a strand of analysis that aims to reconcile physical and intangible aspects of urban development, which as been a recurrent theme in International Urban Fellows' research.
In the tradition of IUFA the conference is open to analysis and debate in all areas of urban policy (planning, architecture, sociology, regional development, innovation).
The scientific program is organized around three pillars:

  • 2 keynote speeches (on governance, planning and innovation themes) and discussion
  • Practical discussions with local actors aimed at the framing of a report on the future of mid size cities
  • Fellow's research roundtable (this year organized around a thematic call for presentations on cleantech urban policy and energy abatement strategies at the urban level: stories, challenges, proposals)

The Keynote speeches of the 2009 IUFA conference are to be given by:
Klaus Kunzmann
David Charles

Social Programme

Following the tradition of IUFA conferences the 2009 Bologna gathering will represent a fantastic opportunity for fellows'reunions, exploration of city cultural assets, and encounters with local cuisine.
The historic part of Bologna (centro storico) is a fascinating area of the city of Bologna that will be explored during the first day of the conference.
On the cultural side a visit to the newly born Museum of Modern Art (MAMbo) will allow fellows to see cutting edge artistic expression in the context of a city that hosts the oldest University in Europe.
Since part of the conference program is dedicated to the role of University, fellows will take a trip to Romagna (the southern part of the region) where a new campus of the Bologna University was established ten years ago. That will represent a beautiful opportunity to experience Romagna's cultural assets and above all the cuisine.
The visit to Romagna will also mark a historic landmark for IUFA fellows: we will cross the Rubicon (literally!! since the little river Rubicon that Julius Cesar crossed in 49 B.C. to start a civil war is in Romagna) on our way to Cesenatico, a pretty little seaside resort where a water channel was originally designed by Leonardo Da Vinci.

In the month of June daily temperature in Bologna ranges form a max of 27° C / 81° F to a min of 19° C / 66° F. You can obtain updated forecasts from this site: The BBC Weather Centre.

Map of Bologna with conference venues